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Business Consulting
We believe in Lviv and in our country as a perfect destination for new opportunities for business.
Let us share with you our expertise and experience.
All business consultants have to challenge with client's desires. Via own expertise and strategies they should deliver solutions that have visible impact on solving client's problems. Same do we.
Our offer
Business strategy
What we do:
  • Discover your expectations, intentions and plans.
  • Analyze business and market you're dealing with to uncover existing risks and your competitive advantages.
  • Provide you list of opportunities, all necessary data and reports for decision making process. Advice you on legal and economic issues.
  • Built step by step strategy and calendar plan of implementation of your project according to your requirements.
  • Collect you list of partners for performing each stage of the establishing strategy (lawyers, accountants, recruiting, architects, engineers, etc).
  • Supervise and manage all your cooperation with involved companies.
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Partnership and interacting
What we do:
  • Define the problem, seek for capabilities.
  • Search for people and organizations who can, are interested in and capable to solve client's demand in growing business, increasing profit or boosting efficiency.
  • Due dilligence of contragents.
  • Establish communication and cooperation with local, central and regulatory authorities.
  • Lobbying your interests and achieving predictable results via private, public and non government organizations.
  • Find you business partners among local goods and services producers and suppliers.
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Compensation fee depends on the issue price.
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We'll find solution for your intentions.
If it doesn't exist we will invent it.
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InWest Agency LLC
Company's code 42391944
office 1012, 7A Naukova Street, Lviv

CEO - Mykhailo Novosad
+380 99 478 67 08

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