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These are projects about how an FDI comes to Ukraine. We assist our clients in establishing and developing their businesses in Lviv Region
Business consulting
Opening a subsidiary in Ukraine for LED producer
To manage cooperation with local suppliers of components for an international industrial LED producer we were requested to establish a daughter company in Ukraine. Here is the list of services that were provided: statement documents preparation and legalization, state registration of subsidiary, search for office, search for accountancy services provider, general manager appointment for the initial period.
Business consulting
Establishing new production in Lviv
Creating new wood processing company. Challenges - present opportunities and competitive advantages of Lviv Region to convince Austrian shareholders choose Lviv as a location for their business. Search for land plot according to requirements. Establishing communication and cooperation with local authority.
Business consulting
Pharmaceutical project
Group of scientist, patent owners in field of medicine contacted us with an order to find pharmaceutical company which is ready to fund further researches and enter the market with new medicine product. Search in process.
Business consulting
Establishing trade company
On behalf of Turkish investor we've created company in Ukraine in the field of trade on African and East European markets. Main products - coffee, tea, nuts and cosmetics. Challenges - maitaining step by step launching business activity process.
Business consulting
Establishing cafe in Lviv
On behalf of Turkish investor we've created new cafe in central part of Lviv. Challenges - search for location, inventing strategy collecting partners for performing each stage of the strategy, solving current issues with documents, reparations and permits.
Consider to perceive this list of Investment projects in Lviv Region like a kind of showcase. We're on seeking process all the time and we have much more options to offer you according to your request.
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