Multipurpose business meeting in Lviv
Business consultant | Lawyer | Real estate expert
We know your concerns
Lack of information
Absense of qualified data and statistics. Do not hear enough good news from Ukraine about development and projects. Don't know and don't understand differences between East/West/Central parts of Ukraine. And negative news background of course.
Corruption issue
Concerned about transperancy and legislation background in real estate deals, registration and business establishing procedures, construction permits, safety and protection of private property.
Negative experience and rumors
You've already heard rumors about someones bad experience regarding doing business in Ukraine or even faced with misunderstandings, unfair proposals, cheaters, unprofessional assistants.
Lifestyle and costs
Personal safety and crime statistics, medical care, cost of living, level of prices for goods and services and hundred assosiated issues.
Consequently, no matter what is your intention - living, doing business or investing - because all of these "risks" and not knowing how to deal with them you are wasting time and not getting profit.

Set a clear intention about investing and doing business in Lviv after one business meeting with us.
Come to Lviv like a tourist for a couple of days. Enjoy beautiful ancient architecture and local cuisine, feel the city lifestyle and get a lot of new.
Find some proper time to participate in meeting with Business Consultant, Lawyer and Real Estate Expert.
What is it?
Basically this is initial meeting where you'll get Legal, Real Estate and Business consulting in a single package.
We combined 3 different consulting directions in one basket to offer you easiest and most balanced offer that brings real value and safe your time. At a single meeting we will provide you overview of main issues of opportunities, procedures and costs in Ukraine. Will determine your expectations. We will speak about cases that you're facing with will search for strategies that can provide solutions for them. Will answer all your questions in these fields and you'll get customized consulting and advices immediately or report few days after (if your issue needs more researches or covers very specific activity).

What will you get?
Here is a short list of benefits waiting for you
You'll get all necessary information concerning trends, procedures and costs. Finally you will figure out how it works.
Initial contacts
We will provide you with all necessary contacts of those who can provide you services that you are interested in.
All members of our team have more than 5 years of profile experiences in their fields.
We take care about our clients time. You'll get answers to all your questions during the meeting.
We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel.
All these info will allow you to set a clear intention about Ukraine and Lviv.
How much does it cost?
Choose an option that mostly meet your expectations
For initial meeting
  • Included:
  • Business consultant, Real estate expert presence
  • Promo materials set
Book now
For customized business meeting + BONUS
  • Included:
  • Business consultant, Real estate expert, Lawyer + any customize expert on request presence
  • Promo materials set
  • After meeting Report
  • Airport pickup
  • Our hotels discount
Book now
How it works
Just give us date and time. We will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. Provide you some basic information and staff needed for first time.
Enjoy your staying
Get your field experience. Feel local rythm and lifestyle.
Place of meeting on request (our office, hotels conference room or any co-working area for your consideration). Language - English. After the meeting we will provide you an invoice.
You 'll get all necessary information and data for decision making process. Obtain your confidency with quality for money principle.
Don't just take our word for it
Our clients feedbacks about us.
Who we are?
Mykhailo Novosad
Business consultant
Mykhailo is inspirer of such type of meetings. He brings negotiation and engagement experience in different areas of dealing with people and doing business in Ukraine. Currently develop InWest Agency.
Alyona Lubenets
Real Estate Expert
Last 5 years Alyona is dealing with commercial real estate in Lviv Region. She likes her job and knows her stuff. Always focused on details that really matters for every single issue. Will find location exactly for your needs..
Ihor Klimenkov
Ihor headed legal departments in Ukrainian and international financial institutions for 10 years. He has practical experience in creating new manufacturing and trading companies. Last 4 years he's engaged in green economy projects.
Why we do this? Because we know how it works doing business in Ukraine, we know and understand your concerns, we believe in Lviv and in our country as a perfect destination for new opportunities.
Set date and time
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InWest Agency LLC
Company's code 42391944
office 1012, 7A Naukova Street, Lviv

CEO - Mykhailo Novosad
+380 99 478 67 08

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