How to place a right request for real estate agencies in Ukraine to find a perfect Greenfield or Brownfield?
Wanna save time and money, avoid filtering excess offers, nuances and stumbling blocks in the negotiation process with landlords when signing contracts for purchase or lease, as well as superfluous travel costs for top management, if the decision is taken collectively?

Of course you do. Make sure that the real estate company understands, in general, what you exactly looking for.
Making the right enquire for real estate consultants getting more easy with our Checklist.
Numerous completed requests in Greenfield and Brownfield search during last 5 years formed a typical algorithm of clarification questions that we usually ask our customers.

Here is a list of issues that really matters for an accurate and successful search of land plots and industrial real estate in Ukraine.

1. A brief summary of your business will help. What I mean - just inform your real estate consultant about the company's specialization, list of goods that it produces or services it provides. This basic information allows to figure out that, for example, for the company with a lot of employees wouldn't suit premises located in an area with bad public transport infrastructure or if you are dealing with logistic services - enough space for lorry maneuvers is critical for your business.

2. Define the most appropriate location for you. Start with the region, district and direction. Don't forget about important points for your business (objects of road infrastructure, highways, border, airport, railway/bus stations, etc) and acceptable distances to these points.

3. Specify the land plot or premises. Probably most important issue to cover. Here are specifications which should be noted.
- total area;
- shape, surface;
- how close to the main roads;
- engineering networks (electricity, gas, water) availability or distances to access points;
legal issues(land purpose, legal terms of use: ownership / lease).
- type of premises (trade, office, industrial, warehouse, etc.);
- area and size (dimensions), storeys, condition;
- working height, requirements for floor;
- engineering networks availability and its capacity;
- other important options (security, heating system, ramp, cranes / elevators, pressure system, parking area and lorry maneuvers zone, offices availability etc).
By clicking the green button below you can download in PDF a detailed questionnaire for efficient Greenfield and Brownfield search.
4. Inform about critical for your company terms and conditions in the future purchase or lease agreements. Why it is important? If you are, for example, a die-casting production company it is obvious that relocating a production line for you is a very expensive and complicated process. So, the long lease period is must have option for you. From the other side - the landlord who is looking for long term cooperation understands that you are the right company to choose. It is always better to preconceive it in advance the restrictions, which adjustment works will be needed and who will pay for all these issues.

5. Budget, your time table and decision making deadline. Informing these parameters allows your consultant do not go beyond the budget and plan a review of potential locations based on your work schedule.

I'm confident that as much listed above info you'll provide initially for your real estate consultant as efficient will be your search.

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