How to register a company in Ukraine for a non-resident legal entity within 28 hours?
In our history, 28 hours = the time from the moment we receive the original documents from the client and before making a record in the Unified State Register. Our client is a Canadian resident. This country has some peculiarities in documents legalization, but we will dwell on this in a separate post.

Tell you secretly – yes, it works! That was our real case.
And if the founders were from another country, we would have finished this procedure in 5-6 hours. Want to know why? - Read on.

Obviously, such a result was preceded by a week of preparation, work with docs, scanned copies, translations, preparation of protocol draft, charter, negotiations with the notary, the consulate, the local representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. Finally, here is a timeline of these 28 hours.

12 am Wednesday. We meet with the client, drink coffee, and once again we talk about all the nuances of the founding of a new company. Get a package of original documents, namely:
1. An excerpt from the Canadian State Register about company-founder.
2. Partnership Agreement.
3. Power of Attorney on the representative
4. Passport of the representative.

For further legalization in Ukraine, it is important that these docs are original documents with stamps, or certified in Canada notarial copies.

1 pm, Wednesday. Finish all negotiations with our client, who leave us and take a sightseeing tour. As for us - we start working. From this moment counter runs because At we receive the call from the Canadian Consulate. They report that, according to our request, they received from the Department of Justice of Canada a confirmation that a notary certifying copies of our documents is valid, and our founder's signature and stamp correspond to the data in the Canadian register. Well - good start, today luck is on our side.

2 pm, Wednesday. Next step - move to the translation agency, who sew preliminarily prepared translations to original docs. We give them for translation passport of the representative with a stamp that proves last (a couple of hours ago) border crossing. As you understand there was no chance to prepare this translation before :)

3 pm, Wednesday. Meeting with the notary, who certifies on all documents the authenticity of the translator's signature. So finally we have a set of documents which allows us to move on for legalization of these documents for use on the territory of Ukraine.

4 pm, Wednesday. Exactly at 4 pm start reception hours at Canadian Consulate in Lviv. We bring the set of docs there. It's good that there are pleasant and professional people working there, the consul is available, and taking into account that all issues were discussed in advance and preliminary we showed to them scanned docs, the consular legalization on the originals is put in few minutes, and we are moving further.

5.30 pm, Wednesday. We bring the document's set to the notary and book an appointment for submitting a company registration on Thursday at 4 pm. We can not do anything more today. Therefore, we are negotiating with the client, about his business strategy in the Ukrainian market, discussing the taxation system for a new company, looking for additional points of interest and services we can provide in accompanying his business in Ukraine.

10 am, Thursday. The reception hours are starting at the local representation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we are the first in the queue to submit documents. They аre located in the premises of Lviv regional state administration by the way on 18, Vynnychenko str.

11 am, Thursday. At the Foreign Ministry's office, they wanted to see the applicant personally, so we invited our client to go to there. Fortunately at that time he continued to overview the historical center of Lviv city and was able to come and show his respect and honor for the Ukrainian official in 30 minutes. The queue was gone and the procedure took 7-10 minutes.

12 am, Thursday. Our client starts meetings that were arranged by our team with potential auditing and accountancy companies, and we bring an additional package of documents with all the necessary seals to the notary. Along the way, once again we visit the translators, we take the translation of the passport and certify it at the notary. On the way back, we run to the bank, pay for the representation services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3pm, Thursday. The hours of proceed documents issuing begin in the Foreign Ministry's office. We take the last document and run to the notary.

4pm, Thursday. Meeting at the notary. Verification of the identity and authority of the representative, signature on the Member's decision doc about the creation of a new company, signature in the statute and registration card, signature in the notary's register.

4.40 pm, Thursday. We went out with the client from the notary's office. We smoked. More 2 hours notary's assistant spent making a record in the state register, but during this time the client could plan his future business activity in Ukraine, rest in the hotel or walk in evening Lviv city.

Therefore, if you are told that it is difficult to register a business in Ukraine, long and complicated procedures, etc - just show this post. And if the founders were from any other country with which Ukraine has an agreement on mutual recognition of documents, we would have completed this entire procedure before the evening of the first day within 5-6 hours. When there is a desire - everything is possible, if you work with the right people!

Be successful in your business!

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