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We know the challenges you are facing with while searching new location for your business.
Let us guide you in these issues.
Information issue
Absense of qualified data and statistics. You've already heard rumors about someones bad experience regarding doing business in Ukraine or even faced with misunderstandings, unfair proposals, cheaters, unprofessional assistants.
Legal and corruption issue
Concerned about transperancy and legislation background in real estate deals, safety and protection of private property, registration and business establishing procedures, construction permits.
Market and economics challenge
Lack of proposals that meets your requirements. Real estate agents do not understand core conditions that affect the activities of your business. Can't predict future expences connected with engineering networks availability, capacity and further adjustments. Logistics costs, loss of time.
Lifestyle challenge
Language issue, personal safety and crime statistics, medical care, cost of living, level of prices for goods and services, public transport network and hundred associated issues.
Consequently, no matter what is your intention - living, doing business or investing - because all of these "risks" and not knowing how to deal with them you are wasting time and not getting profit.
Our offer
Agency in commercial, office, industrial and logistics real estate
Consulting for
  • ✔ Consulting to find best options for using your assets.
  • ✔ Identification of target audience and marketing strategy creation for leasing or selling your assets. Promotional materials development).
  • ✔ Search for potential tenant companies/buyers.
  • ✔ Due dilligence of potential partners.
  • ✔ Accompaniment in negotiations and agreements.
Request for a meeting or ask question
Services for
  • ✔ Search for location options according to requirements.
  • ✔ Set of a several options (longlist) with all data, photos and presentations of potential objects. Overview choosen offers on spot (shortlist).
  • ✔ Due diligence of assets for lease.
  • ✔ Negotiations with a landlord/leaser on your behalf.
  • ✔ Legal assistent in signing lease agreement.
Request for a meeting or ask question
Assistance for
Real estate agencies
  • ✔ Presentation materials for your real estate objects preparation (promo videos and photos, detailed presentations and landing pages).
  • ✔ Marketing strategy and advertisement set up for your target audience.
  • ✔ Flexible cooperation options.
How it works
All compensations are based on success fee.
You pay only in case you get result.
Perfect location for your business
- office
- production
- warehouse
What's this?
- Detailed questionnaire for real estate search that provides you potential options exactly according to your requirements.
- Efficient tool for saving your time and money.
- Based on our practical experience.
- Download and use it.

See more projects
Real estate consulting
Search for production facility
Danish company was looking for industrial facility to extend their metal processing business in Ukraine. Challenges - total area, around 5000 sq. m. with maximum proximity to Lviv to satisfy 300 people specialists demand. We've completed this search accordind to listed requirements. Lease agreement signed.
Business consulting
Pharmaceutical project
Group of scientist, patent owners in field of medicine contacted us with an order to find pharmaceutical company which is ready to fund further researches and enter the market with new medicine product. Search in process.
Business consulting
Establishing trade company
On behalf of Turkish investor we've created company in Ukraine in the field of trade on African and East European markets. Main products - coffee, tea, nuts and cosmetics. Challenges - maitaining step by step launching business activity process.
Business consulting
Establishing cafe in Lviv
On behalf of Turkish investor we've created new cafe in central part of Lviv. Challenges - search for location, inventing strategy collecting partners for performing each stage of the strategy, solving current issues with documents, reparations and permits.
Business consulting
Establishing new production in Lviv
Creating new wood processing company. Challenges - present opportunities and competitive advantages of Lviv Region to convince Austrian shareholders choose Lviv as a location for their business. Search for land plot according to requirements. Establishing communication and cooperation with local authority.
Consider to perceive this list of Investment projects in Lviv Region like a kind of showcase. We're on seeking process all the time and we have much more options to offer you according to your request.
Ask us a question!
We'll find solution for your intentions.
If it doesn't exist we will invent it.
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