Screen Media of Silk Road
Project conception of developing in Lviv (Ukraine)
Core advantages

Offer and capabilities
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Why Lviv?
We believe that Lviv and Ukraine are perfect destinations for screen media of Silk Road project.
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Core advantages
Short market overview
Favorable location
Just in the center of Europe; common border with EU; 2 track days from top European logistic hubs (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerpen); 2,7 mln tourists annualy.
Legal & economic background
Adopted and implemented European legislation base, simplified procedures and affordable terms (according to Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and EU). Developing advertising market. Comparely low competition in video content advertisement. Business oriented local authority.
Suitable infrastructure
Several big trade centers; main railway and numerous of bus stations; developed municipal transport system, few big universities, lot of public and touristic places.
High level of personal safety and low crime index. Direct air service with all european hubs. dozens of foreign tourists mostly from EU countries.
More info about Lviv Region
Key figures about Lviv Region
General info
Area: 21,800 km², nearly half size of Netherlands;
Population: 2,5 million people;
Major city: Lviv (800k inhabitants);
Distance to EU border from Lviv: 70 km;
Time zone: GMT+2.
Favorable location
Common border with EU;
2 track days from top European logistic hubs (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerpen).
Direct air service
Vienna, London, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf,
Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk,
Rome, Barcelona, Napoli.
Legislative base
No restrictions or limits in investments and equity participation for foreign investor in Ukrainian business. A legal entity incorporated in Ukraine and operating under Ukrainian laws is considered to be resident.
Taxation system in Ukraine
Corporate income tax (CIT) – 18%;
Single Social Tax (SSC) - 22% ;
Income Tax (ITAX) - 18%;
Value added tax (VAT) - 20%;
Withholding tax (dividends, royalties) - 15%.
Tax incentives
Renewable and energy efficiency - green tariff;
Mining – VAT and customs duties under production sharing agreements PSAs;
Agriculture - special VAT regime;
IT - no VAT till 2023.
Human resources
Available HR in working age 15-70:
Lviv region – 1124k;
Lviv – 364k;
Unemployment rate – 8,6%;
Overall students – 126k;
Students graduating annually – 38k.
Labor costs
(gross base salary per month)
Overall – 355 USD;
In production – 420 USD;
Non-skilled worker – 305 USD.
Real estate prices
(per 1 m²)
Apartments – from 450 USD;
Industrial – from 100 USD;
Commercial – from 800 USD.
Rental fees
(per 1 m²/month)
Office spaces – 5-15 USD;
Production facility – 1-5 USD;
Commercial – 10-100 USD.
Utilities supply tariffs
Electricity (1 kWh) – 0,08 USD;
Water (per 1 m³)– 0,45 USD;
Gas (per 1 m³) – 0,26 USD;
Internet (unlim, 50Mb/s / month) - 5 USD.
Currency - Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
100 USD – 2650 UAH;
100 EUR – 3100 UAH.
Our offer
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Commercial activity

1. We can provide all our services on paid basis.
2. We can establish a joint venture and provide all our services to get a share in enterprise.
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We are group of companies dealing in field of investments, law and advertisement
InWest Agency
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Corporate & Contract law
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Sigma Digital
Media agency
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